Parent-Teacher Organization

PTO activities

The primary purpose of the PTO is to support the ongoing mission of Saint Joseph Catholic School. Through the PTO, parents/guardians and teachers strive to build community, strengthen communications, and provide resources necessary to support the school and the programs it offers. The PTO is also a forum for exchanging thoughts, expressing ideas and sharing experiences. There are many opportunities to volunteer and become an active part of your child’s school and to make lifelong friends in the PTO.

Saint Joseph PTO Opportunities

Some of the programs sponsored by the PTO include Fall Festival; Mother-Son Baseball; the Father-Daughter Dance; and lunch for the Saint Joseph Feast Day.

The PTO Board officers for 2023 – 2024


  • President: Michelle Tillman-Gibson
  • Vice President: Kelly Gandolfo
  • Treasurer: Melissa Yezbak
  • Secretary: Kate Fogle
  • Church Liaison: Lauren Barron
  • Homeroom Parents: Carla Goff
  • Sunshine: Haley Lawson
  • Teacher Appreciation: Lauren Dowdy
  • Saint Joe’s Clothes – Used Uniform Sale: Anne Ryan
  • Yearbook – Chair needed
  • Campus Beautification – Chair needed


  • Charleston Wraps: Anne Ryan
  • Divine Auction: Margaret Asay
  • Run with the Saints: Katie Livingston & Melissa Yezbak
  • Sponsorships: Roxanne Ancheta


  • Fall Festival: Michelle Tillman-Gibson, Carla Coff, Casey Cornwell
  • Grandparents Day: Sarah Shell
  • Catholic Schools Week: Kelly Gandolfo
  • Lenten Supper: Lauren Barron
  • Saint Joseph Feast Day: Carla Goff, Casey Cornwell
  • Saint Patrick’s Day Parade: Diane Rager
  • Daddy/Daughter Dance: Casey Cornwell & Michelle Tillman-Gibson
  • Mother/Son Baseball: Elizabeth Kubas
  • Christmas Shop: Kaley Wilson
  • Spirit Nights: Karla Buru
  • BBQ on the Blacktop: Liz Williams
  • Back to School Bingo: Kate Fogle & Kelly Gandolfo