Leadership Development

A Servant’s Heart and a Leader’s Mindset

At Saint Joseph Catholic School, we intend to grow the whole child – emotionally, academically and spiritually. A key component to that holistic approach is helping our students develop as leaders. Even some of our youngest students can be found reading to the entire congregation on a Sunday morning during Catholic Schools Week and, more often, at Friday school Masses. What is daunting to many adults comes so naturally to our students. This is one small example that is making a huge impact on the children at Saint Joseph.

Developing Leaders

Mentors – Our older students serve as examples for our younger children. Reading to and with the younger grades, assisting with the carpool line, advising new altar servers, and sharing and reviewing writing works are just a few of the many ways our older students are leaving an indelible mark on the younger children.

Student Council – Fifth and sixth grade students who consistently demonstrate self-discipline and abide by our JOSEPH character traits are eligible to serve on Student Council. The students take an active role in assisting with school and community projects, often taking part in spirited debates, ensuring they learn the art of compromise, community involvement, and leadership.

Altar Servers – Students in fourth through sixth grades have the opportunity to be altar servers. This reverent role enables our students to fully immerse themselves in the Mass, assisting the priests throughout the service and taking an active role in living out their faith. Serving in front of the school and congregation enables our students to hone their leadership skills and take on new responsibilities.

Public Speaking – In addition to reading at Mass and altar serving, our students have many other opportunities to strengthen their public speaking and performance skills. Students are asked to lead Advent and Lenten services as well as Mary’s Children, a weekly prayer time before school that welcomes all students and families. What’s more, many grades have curriculum-specific events where the children present projects in front of the school and parents. Not to mention, the living Stations of the Cross, annual plays and performances, and the Christmas Concert! At Saint Joseph, there are many opportunities for students to enhance their public speaking skills and strengthen their character while they’re at it!

Sixth Grade – In preparation for middle school and their bright futures ahead, our sixth graders are given myriad opportunities to further develop and hone their leadership skills. These students begin the year with a leadership pep rally, then through student retreats and special assemblies, the sixth graders become an integral part and driving force of Saint Joseph Catholic School.

Saint Joseph’s focus on leadership is evident in most every student you’ll meet. Wise beyond their years and eager to learn and grow, our students are the future leaders of tomorrow. And for that, we’re all very fortunate!