The instruction and formation in Gospel Values is central to our mission at Saint Joseph Catholic School. Our children have religious instruction each day in school, but the spiritual education of our children extends beyond this classroom instruction.

Each Day Begins with Prayer

Students learn a variety of prayer techniques from traditional prayers to meditation to extemporaneous prayer. All students attend weekly Mass in our church and many prayer services throughout the school year.

First Reconciliation & First Holy Communion

In the second grade the children of our parish receive the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. Children are prepared for these sacraments over the course of two years (the first and second grade year).

Catholic School Retreats

Children participate in retreats—days of prayer and spiritual activities—throughout the school year. In the sixth grade, students participate in quarterly retreats. The entire school takes part in an annual Holy Week retreat held on the Wednesday before Holy Thursday each year.

Not Catholic?

While we are a Catholic School and share the teachings of the Catholic Church, we joyfully welcome non-Catholic students to join our school community. In fact, over 1/3 of our students are not Catholic. All students take part in every aspect of the school day, including weekly Mass. We encourage our non-Catholic students and guests to join in the Communion celebration by coming forward to receive a special blessing from the priest or extraordinary minister. In January, we invite ministers from area churches to share in an Ecumenical Prayer Service held during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. We believe the value of sending your student to our school, regardless of their religious denomination, is in the principles, morals, leadership opportunities and outstanding education they will receive.

Being Non-Catholic at a Catholic School

If your student is not Catholic and you have questions, please feel free to e-mail Donavan Yarnall, principal of Saint Joseph Catholic School, at or contact our front office staff at 803.254.6736